It’s the infamous, commercial holiday also known as Valentine’s Day.  Do you feel the love?  This day brings such a wide range of responses that it’s hard to believe it’s all for the same holiday.  My phone and Facebook have been full of messages ranging from the most mushy of love to the depths of despair.  What makes this day such a toss up?  When most of us think of Valentine’s Day, our first impulse is to think of romantic love.  Consequently, the presence of a relationship gives more reason to celebrate.  This holiday can feel like it accentuates the lack of a romantic relationship, but there is so much more to love.  First, let’s just have a moment for the fact that every relationship is not healthy or pleasant.  Next, there is so much more love out there than romantic love.  We can give and get love from so many places.  There is also love between pets, friends, family, and other human beings.  This type of love is always accessible.  By recognizing and freely giving this love, we get to receive the benefits of being a loving person.  The more love that you give, the more seems to find its way back to you.

I believe this day should be renamed Much Love Day because there is so much love for all of us out there.  If you embrace all types of love, you can’t feel like you’re missing out or lonely on Valentine’s Day.  There’s no reason to be miserable, if you don’t have to be.  Plus, love was meant to be shared continuously.  We should let the ones that we love know that we appreciate and care for them all the time, not just on Valentine’s Day or other gift giving holidays.  Every day is precious, so there is no reason to waste this one being sad or angry.  Also, there may be a great relationship in your future waiting on the perfect time to present itself;)

Much nub (wishing I had some of those little candy hearts),

Dr. Ericka