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October 2015

Look, Mom, I’m on a Podcast!

Guess who was interviewed for a podcast.  I was so excited to do it.  This was my first time on a podcast ever!

In this episode of The Super Fantastic Show, we speak with Dr. Ericka Goodwin, who dropped from a size 14 to a size 6 (size Large to Small) while on long term travel. How did she do it? What made the difference? She’ll share it here.

Super Fantastic Show Ep. 6

Just as my taste in fashion changes, my choice of aesthetic for my website has also changed.  Check out the new look:)  Thanks for visiting!  Thanks for your patience while the content is updated to fit this new format.  Have a phenomenal day! Much nub, Dr. Ericka

Rediscovering My Happy Dance: happy dancing on a plane

    I was recently on a flight, and I kept dancing in my seat.  I just could not contain it.  First, there was a little head bob. Then, my shoulders started uncontrollably moving.  I tried to hold it in, but my smooth groove could not be contained. Dang that Justin Bieber.   He was responsible for starting it off…or was he?   Was this bouncy, carefree groove the source of my glee or was it something else?  Stop, hammer time!  Just kidding:).

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