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The Beauty of Slowing Down…

Hi, folks! I’m bringing my blog back from the brink of death…or at least a coma. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I was focused on other things. Well, I’m back (said in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) and have no excuses. I have so many blog posts that I have started, but it’s time to be about the business of following through to completion. Well, it’s time to get on to what I actually started writing today to say.
I noticed the most beautiful clouds on my flight today. They were like someone blew up the fluffiest white cotton candy that they could find and made it so dense that it looked solid. The clouds were a brilliant, bright white and looked like sculptural designs. What made this special beyond the beauty of it? The first thing is that I stopped to even open the shade on the plane to begin with. I’m a big window seat person, but that is more motivated by my desire to have some space that is decisively my own than the window itself. In today’s electronic culture, an open window shade also is an invitation for glare on my iPad. I know…another first world problem. In addition, I also had to slow down long enough to truly look and take in everything that I was seeing. I had to appreciate the curves of the clouds, the subtle shading of blue that framed it, and the way the sunlight bounced off the clouds and created shadows that gave the clouds even more texture.
This need to slow down brings me back to realizing that part of what has kept me away from my blog is the kind of all or nothing speed of my life. I’m either going full steam ahead and moving at a frantic pace, or I’ve shut down entirely. Today, I was reminded all of the wonderful things that happen when I slow down. After that lovely flight, I was able to walk in and get a massage at the spa immediately. To top that off, this was one of the best massages of my entire life. Random strangers smiled and stopped to talk to me as I walked. I felt like I might as well have the music playing and birds flying around me like Cinderella.  

When was the last time that you slowed down for something other than sleep? Let’s all take the pace down a notch, so we can mindful and grateful for each moment. If we string enough of these moments together, we have no choice but to be happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Make today count!
Much love,
Dr. Ericka 

The Bestseller campaign launches tomorrow with the release of the ebook for Thinking About Quiting Medicine at the low, low price of $2.99.  You can get a copy at Link to purchase.  I’m so excited!  Becoming an author is a dream come true.


The President and My Birthday

I can’t believe it’s my birthday. I received a great gift on accident. President Barack Obama spoke shortly before the stroke of midnight of my birthday. There I was, curled up on the couch in my pjs watching DNC coverage. The introductory video had me already crying. I know I’m a softie, but I was still caught off guard. His dedication, compassion, resilience, and brilliance were perfectly captured. Then, his speech had me crying again (real tears…not one or two crocodile tears). Luckily, I was able to not do the ugly cry – even though no one was there to see it. The President’s speech embodied a spirit of hope and love. His genuine love for all human beings, along with his passion and dedication, were inspiring. His energy was the perfect way to start off my birthday. Continue reading “The President and My Birthday”

Christmas thoughts of love, mom, and the holiday spirit…

I’m chair dancing to Christmas music while hanging out with my mom as she wraps gifts. I feel so overcome with blessings. Those that know me, know that I am prone to mushy moments. LOL. I’m sitting here watching my mother while trying not to look creepy by staring. I am beyond blessed to have such a great mom. She’s so full of love and Continue reading “Christmas thoughts of love, mom, and the holiday spirit…”

Check out the totally hilarious blog of Joy.  You’ll get a good laugh out of her references to me, too!  I guess I am the healthy friend:)
Joy’s Rant List: How Not To Do It

Stay tuned for new posts and the addition of some oldies but goodies from my old website.  I’m so excited that I just can’t contain it!!!  Have a great day and make sure to spread some love.

Much nub,

Dr. Ericka

Look, Mom, I’m on a Podcast!

Guess who was interviewed for a podcast.  I was so excited to do it.  This was my first time on a podcast ever!

In this episode of The Super Fantastic Show, we speak with Dr. Ericka Goodwin, who dropped from a size 14 to a size 6 (size Large to Small) while on long term travel. How did she do it? What made the difference? She’ll share it here.

Super Fantastic Show Ep. 6

Just as my taste in fashion changes, my choice of aesthetic for my website has also changed.  Check out the new look:)  Thanks for visiting!  Thanks for your patience while the content is updated to fit this new format.  Have a phenomenal day! Much nub, Dr. Ericka

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