I am honored to be a co-author for the book, Mind Matters:
A Resource Guide to Psychiatry for Black Communities.

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This book was written in a conversational question and answer format, so that it can be a user-friendly resource to individuals, families, and communities that are affected by mental illness.  We designed this book to deliver this important information in an approachable manner that can be easily understood.  We break down topics in mental health, including major diagnoses, medications, non-medication treatments, what questions to ask your doctor, and ways to seek help.  What makes this book even more special is that we take this even further by covering racial disparities and cultural contexts that explain why blacks may experience mental health differently and be hesitant to seek treatment.  This book is like getting a chance to speak to any one of us like we’re having a conversation over coffee in the kitchen.  We designed this book to not only help someone dealing with mental illness, but also the family and loved ones that support them, along with the community to which they belong.

We aim to dispel common myths and concerns about mental health that keep people from getting the help they need.  We wrote this book to bridge the gap in knowledge that keeps so many in a place of suffering and causes their loved ones to feel helpless to stop it.  We hope that by reading this book, more people understand that mental illness is a biological condition and not an identity.  Although we wrote this book focused on the Black Community, it is also a resource for anyone who is affected by mental illness and those that care for them.   This book can also be used as a tool to understand how to communicate around mental health, especially in a culturally competent manner.  Mind Matters:  A Resource Guide to Psychiatry for Black Communities is strengthening communities around mental health one question at a time.

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