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Ok.  Today, I did accomplish my goal of taking my measurements.  I realize that I didn’t do this at the beginning of my journey to become a lean, mean, analyzing machine, but this feels like a new beginning.  I’ve been out of the gym for over a month, but somehow I’ve managed not to gain a bunch of weight.  I’ll just give credit to God for that.  I’ve been reigning in my comfort food consumption.  The next step is to be more vigilant about what I eat.  The portion control appears to still be doing ok.  I’m hoping to find out some exercises that I can do when I go to physical therapy.  I miss working out.  Can you believe that I’m saying that?  Oh, back to the measurements.  I’m still getting up the nerve to share them, so y’all can hold me accountable.  I knew they were different than I was used to, but I must admit that I was taken aback to find out what they actually are.  Numbers don’t lie, but they do make great motivation.  This reminds me that  you have to face your fears to have a chance at conquering them.  Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to set your clock forward.

Much nub, fitness, and health (waving goodbye to that hour that I don’t feel that I can spare),

Dr. Ericka

That Dang Comfort Food

Today, my body gave me a stern warning to quit putting junk into it.  I have not been doing a good job with restraint from comfort food.  This combined with my lack of exercise has sparked a revolt by my entire gastrointestinal tract.  I guess it’s time to start listening to my body again.  No excuses.  Thanks for having my back, and it’s ok to hold my feet to the fire about straying off track.  I guess I might as start that countdown again tomorrow.
Much nub and fitness,

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