Girls’ Night Out.  On the surface, you may just think about women going out and having a good time…a night for women to just let their hair down and feel free to talk openly about their lives and men.   I recently was able to put my finger on why it is so much more.  It’s the time when you get to spend time with your friends and leave unnecessary inhibitions behind.  It’s time when no one is judging you or telling you that you are heavy.  It’s time where you can laugh until your stomach hurts, check out the latest chick flick, enjoy a yummy meal, or shake your tail feather.  It’s time when you can simply be yourself.  In the middle of that is a pure boost for your self esteem.  Girl’s night is full of support and there is always someone to remind you how special and beautiful you are.  It’s not a substitute for being able to feel good about yourself, but it enhances what’s there.  It also picks you up from a bad day or from times where others seemed to have only negative words for you.  Girls’ Night is full of love.

I can’t speak for the meaning of a night out for the fellas, but it’s always good to be surrounded by people that appreciate you.  I challenge all of us to make sure we spend time with friends to recharge our emotional batteries.  There’s nothing like some inspiration to hold your head higher and walk taller.  When you are feeling good on the inside, it shows on the outside…and can give you more energy to take to a workout 😉

Much nub, health, and fitness,

Dr. Ericka

P.S.  I’ll get back to a fitness update.  Tomorrow, I’m going to get measured.  Wish me luck!