I must start out with an apology to my readers and myself for slacking on my blog for so long. I could say that life happened, but that would just be an excuse. I’ll wrap this up with simply, “my bad.” I’m on vacation, and my girls have been posting on their blogs, and this was just the push I needed to get over my case of severe blog neglect.

I have found something in Jamaica that was very unexpected. “What” you may ask. Dragonflies? Mosquitoes? Sun? The one word answer is “peace.” I realized that I found the stillness in my mind and spirit that I have been seeking for the past year. I feel like a blanket of calm was laid on me and my body was filled with serenity. Yeah, this all happened in the midst of a girls’ vacation. Don’t get me wrong, there has been and will continue to be plenty of fun in the sun, but this trip happened at a time that I am genuinely open to mindfulness. I spent 20 minutes yesterday just experiencing the texture of the sand with my feet and playing with the sand with my toes. My nose seems to be picking up on nuances of scents all around me. My breaths are deeper and my lungs feel like they have a greater capacity. My mind feels clear and sharp. I think I had forgotten what relaxation has felt like. My goal for the rest of 2012 and all of 2013 will be to hold on to these feelings and find this level of peace frequently in my everyday life. I can’t be hanging out on an island or beach all the time.

As we get older, our responsibilities grow and more challenges arise. I can honestly say that I love my life, but getting older hasn’t been quite what I expected. In the midst of all of this maturity and responsibility, we all must find ways to take care of ourselves and be at peace. Choose to be happy. Choose to make the most of everyday. You never know when inspiration will strike.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I promise that I’ll be back much sooner next time. Gotta get back to vacation:)