I have always preferred the window seat on a plane.  As a child, I would gaze out of the window at amazement as the world passed by.  I would marvel at how things below looked like pieces on a game.  As I have become older, I still prefer the window seat.  I can’t honestly say it was because of the view.  I loved the window seat because I would be free from getting bumped and abused as people haphazardly go down the aisle, wrestle with carry ons that are often way too heavy, carry way too much stuff, and runaway refreshment carts.  The window also was an escape from being sandwiched between people.  I could always cuddle up by the window to create space for myself, especially when the person next to me appeared to have no concept of personal space.
     Lately, the window seat has taken a new position in my life.   I have been attempting to take a step back from my chaotic, but pleasant lifestyle to be more mindful.  I’ve been working on actually enjoying each moment and not just letting time carelessly slip past.  This brings us back to the window seat.  I have been notorious in the last few years of holding down a window seat with the shade pulled down.  We all know that the light causes glare with iPads and electronics (I know this could be avoided with a Kindle 🙂 ) and cat naps on the plane are much better with the shade pulled.  I recently have started pulling up the shade to look out.  Each time, I see somethingdifferent and something miraculous.  The beauty in the sky and earth is a constant reminder of the power and grace of God.  There is no way anyone could look at the infinite arrangements and shapes of clouds and not believe there is some type of higher power.  I find myself now looking out the window in awe and feeling my heart feel so full.  I’m not only blessed to be able to travel, but I am blessed to be able to witness such beauty.  Seeing bodies of water peak through the clouds is so amazing and the richness of colors up here.  I can’t believe there are so many colors beyond that good old 64 pack of Crayola crayons.
     I will continue on enjoying these so-called little things.  Life is truly a series of moments strung together in a tapestry.  Unintentionally, we allow our tapestries to be filled with holes because we just weren’t truly present…we just weren’t paying attention.  Let’s make a deal, I’ll work on not getting caught up in the hectic pace of life, chaos, and randomness, and so will you.  Let’s do it.  Every minute counts.  Nothing is guaranteed. We can never get back time and each moment only happens truly once.
     Much nub.