Hi.  My name is Ericka, and I’m a doctor.  Do they have tea instead of coffee at this meeting?  LOL.  If there really was a support group for doctors, I would definitely check it out.  Back to the real world.  I am a doctor.  I spend my days being an agent of change.  I have the honor of looking into people’s eyes and seeing their souls. As I psychiatrist, I am intimately acquainted with how physical health, mental health, and spiritual health are intertwined.  As with food, there’s much more than just the packaging.  I’m not here on this blog to be your doctor, but I am here to share my thoughts which are influenced by my experience of witnessing so many aspects of the human condition and observing the world with a keenly trained eye.  I believe I improve the lives of people that I know in my personal life, and I hope I can make yours better, too (if only by giving you a smile).

Much nub, health, and fitness,

Dr. Ericka