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Stress is my enemy

Today was a hectic day.  I ended up working almost 10 hours, and most of those were with people that were having a hard time.  I also discovered that I have lost my brand new noise canceling earphones with a mic that I bought specifically for working out during my trip to Atlanta.  Can I say that I’ve only used them once, just to test them?  I’ve had to calm myself down because I know that stress can cause you to hold on to or gain weight.  That’s one hundred percent not the plan.  Plus, being tense and on edge is not hot.  I’m determined to release this before I go to sleep.  I had calmed down from work, right before I discovered the earphone debacle.   Ok, I’m not saying any more about this because it’s time to finish rallying the positive energy.  Eating was ok today.  I was so drained that I have on my workout clothes, but haven’t made it actually to the gym today.  I think I’ll sleep in them tonight, so I’ll be ready earlier for spin class in the morning.  By the way, I’m craving fruit, so I will have to make a field trip to Super Walmart tomorrow.  Gotta get some rest and reset.
14 days down, 7 days until it’s habit.  Well, I know at 21 days, this journey will still be just beginning…
Much nub and fitness,

Off Day

I’m thinking today is going to be my off day.  I’m realizing that I’m totally exhausted.  Seeing patients during a power outage was a bit much, but I’m fortunate to have been able to make a difference.  Now, I just need to continue to make a difference in my own life.  I’m worth it!  By the way, you’re worth it, too!  I can work out Thursday and Friday to still hit my 4 day of week goal.  I’m going to get my beauty sleep, so I can be ready to kill spin class tomorrow.  My new goal is to be ready to attack a non-beginning spin class by the time I go on vacation in February.  Wish me luck!  My butt’s ready for class tomorrow, too.  I’m ready to leave it all on that bike!  Oh, if you’re wondering, the healthier eating plan is still going well.
9 days down, 12 days until it becomes a habit.
Much nub and fitness,

Return of Jelly Legs

Whew!  I made it through spin class.  I started it off with my legs and booty a bit sore from the treadmill the night before.  I am beginning to believe those Reebok Easytone shoes do make you work harder.  I’ll definitely be wearing those to the treadmill in the future.  Back to spin class.  I peddled almost 2 miles further than last Thursday (today 10.3 miles).   I worked that bike harder and faster.  I honestly felt like it didn’t work me.  I can’t wait to go back.  I’m falling in love with spin class.  My man better watch out.  LOL.  Just kidding:)  I believe he enjoys seeing me be determined and proactive.  I had to make the decision to get healthy for myself first, but turning him on is a huge bonus.  I’m truly seeing how having a support group can keep you motivated.  Between my friends, co-workers, and all of you, I just don’t have an option not to follow through.  Keep holding my feet to the fire.  Thanks!
We’ll see what tomorrow holds.  8 days down, 11 to go until it’s a habit.
Much nub and fitness,

Mmmmm…Spinach Dip

Today is the tale of spinach dip.  I was at California Pizza Kitchen with my mom.  She up and orders the dang spinach dip.  I love spinach dip, but know that it’s not the best choice for my current eating plan.  I am so proud of myself.  I had less than 2 whole chips with dip.  This is a feat.  I continued my 15-20 chews and only ate half of my lettuce wraps along with the above spinach dip.  This strategy appears to be working out.  One of the themes of my goals is to make new habits that are sustainable.  I don’t want to try something so strenuous or restricted that I am stressed out.  In addition, I don’t want to fall off the wagon because I feel like I’m being tortured or have unreasonable long term goals.  This is just the first week, but I’m excited about the future.  One day at a time!  Thanks for all of your help!
6 days down, 15 days until it’s a habit.
Much nub and fitness,

Temptation Island

Have you seen that show Temptation Island?  That was theme of the day.  I had to avoid the pitfalls of the yummy doughnuts and gourmet cookies.  For those that don’t know me, I have a huge sweet tooth, so this was huge.  I walked through the door at my mom’s house and was greeted by bacon and potato chips.  I briskly turned on my heels and walked past them.  I am proud.  I avoided all of it!    People keep saying “nothing tastes as good as being lean feels.”  I guess I have to get lean to see if it’s true.  Thanks for all of your help.  I had extra willpower because I didn’t want to admit to all of you that I was eating calorie/fat laden sweets.

I need to make a correction.  I double checked and keep seeing 21 days to create a habit.  So it’s 4 days down, 17 days until it’s a habit:)

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