Today was a hectic day.  I ended up working almost 10 hours, and most of those were with people that were having a hard time.  I also discovered that I have lost my brand new noise canceling earphones with a mic that I bought specifically for working out during my trip to Atlanta.  Can I say that I’ve only used them once, just to test them?  I’ve had to calm myself down because I know that stress can cause you to hold on to or gain weight.  That’s one hundred percent not the plan.  Plus, being tense and on edge is not hot.  I’m determined to release this before I go to sleep.  I had calmed down from work, right before I discovered the earphone debacle.   Ok, I’m not saying any more about this because it’s time to finish rallying the positive energy.  Eating was ok today.  I was so drained that I have on my workout clothes, but haven’t made it actually to the gym today.  I think I’ll sleep in them tonight, so I’ll be ready earlier for spin class in the morning.  By the way, I’m craving fruit, so I will have to make a field trip to Super Walmart tomorrow.  Gotta get some rest and reset.
14 days down, 7 days until it’s habit.  Well, I know at 21 days, this journey will still be just beginning…
Much nub and fitness,