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Gym Clothes As Pajamas

Guess what.  I really did sleep in my gym clothes.  LOL.   I was determined not to have anything get in between me and spin class.  Going to bed helped me to reset from the stress of yesterday and start a wonderful day.  I’m remembering there really is a difference in how I feel during the day when I work out.  If I worked a little less, I think I could get into twice a day workouts.  LOL.  I weighed myself today, and I’ve lost at least 5 lbs.  I’m psyched.  I took some pics this weekend, and my cheeks seemed a bit less chubby.  Funny enough, I had stopped taking so many pictures in the last few months because I hated feeling that I looked heavy in them.  I need to go ahead and do my measurements.  I know it won’t be the very beginning of the journey, but I still have a lot further to go.
Wish me luck!  I’m wishing you luck!  Now, I just need to figure out what the fitness activity for tomorrow will be.
15 days down, 6 until it’s a habit.
Much nub and fitness,
P.S.  BTW, I’m on a mission to find some more workout music to get pumped up.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.  Thanks!

Stress is my enemy

Today was a hectic day.  I ended up working almost 10 hours, and most of those were with people that were having a hard time.  I also discovered that I have lost my brand new noise canceling earphones with a mic that I bought specifically for working out during my trip to Atlanta.  Can I say that I’ve only used them once, just to test them?  I’ve had to calm myself down because I know that stress can cause you to hold on to or gain weight.  That’s one hundred percent not the plan.  Plus, being tense and on edge is not hot.  I’m determined to release this before I go to sleep.  I had calmed down from work, right before I discovered the earphone debacle.   Ok, I’m not saying any more about this because it’s time to finish rallying the positive energy.  Eating was ok today.  I was so drained that I have on my workout clothes, but haven’t made it actually to the gym today.  I think I’ll sleep in them tonight, so I’ll be ready earlier for spin class in the morning.  By the way, I’m craving fruit, so I will have to make a field trip to Super Walmart tomorrow.  Gotta get some rest and reset.
14 days down, 7 days until it’s habit.  Well, I know at 21 days, this journey will still be just beginning…
Much nub and fitness,

Morning Is The Right Time

It’s Saturday, and I’m out of town.  Ok, that’s an understatement.  I’m out of town, and I’m kicking it.  I have realized once again that I work out best in the morning, especially when I’m trying to cram way too much into the day.  I don’t think the workout is going to happen today, but I’m determined to get up early and work out in the morning before brunch.  I am proud that I have done well with portions and making healthy eating decisions while traveling this weekend.  I’m ready to keep taking this challenge on.  I might be writing more if it was not time to head back out for the night.  I hope you have as great of a time tonight as I am about to have.
12 days down, 9 days until it’s habit.
Much nub and fitness,

I Look Good :)

The last 2 days, I woke up, got dressed, looked in the mirror, and paused.  I had to shake my head and say “Dang, I look good.”  Do you ever have those moments?  I know I’m not seeing some major toning or weight loss from just almost 2 weeks on my new plan.  I believe I’m seeing the glow of feeling successful…the energy increasing from my workouts…the aura of feeling like I’m working toward being my best.  I also think my confidence is rising.  I’ve just got to keep it going.  I’m sure all of you have it under control, too.  I better get some beauty sleep, so I can workout in the morning.  By the way, I’m proud that I passed on desserts tonight.  Lord knows that they looked yummy!
11 days down, 10 more to go until it’s a habit.
Much nub and fitness,

Taking the First Step

“Take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just the first step.”  –  Martin Luther King, Jr.
I was spinning during spin class this morning thinking about life.  Well, as much as you can while you’re spinning.  I realize that I do well with working out, and other goals if I just get started.  For example, my spin class is at 6 am in the morning, so I set my alarm for 5:24 am.  I’m great as soon as I get out of bed.  That’s the first step.  I do fine on the treadmill, too, after I have taken the first step to get on it.  Taking that first step leads to the path of success and fulfillment.  I am confident I will reach my goals as long as I keep taking that first step.  Those first steps paid off even more today.  I realized that morning workouts serve as huge motivators not to eat “crazy” stuff during the day.  When I’ve already worked out, and I don’t want to ruin it.  I realize that I’m too early in my wellness journey to splurge a lot.  Now, if I was just trying to maintain, those gourmet muffins at work wouldn’t be evil.  Unfortunately, I’m at the beginning of my journey, so I am proud to say that I walked past those delectable muffins time after time today.  Can I get a gold star?  Ok.  Just knowing that I can have some willpower and discipline are rewards enough for me.
10 days down.  11 days until it’s a habit.
Much nub and fitness,

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Chew Enough

Treadmill…no.  Pool…no.  Tony Horton Ten Minute Workout…yes!  I got up this morning and banged out the full body workout.  That definitely woke me up.   My new eating strategy is to chew my food longer.  I’ve seen 15-20 chews per bite.  I’m now up to 15-22. Not so magically, I’ve gotten full sooner and eating less.  I have no idea when I started eating really fast, especially since I love the taste of food.  I’m excited.  The bonus is that I even passed up on the yummy looking doughnuts at work.  The glazed ones were calling my name, and I said “no!”
Wish me and my butt luck again because I’m going to make it happen in the 6 am spin class tomorrow.  Two days down, and 26 to go.

Just Call Me Jelly Legs!

I arrived this morning bright and bushy tailed at 5:50 am for the Beginning Spinning Class armed with the gel seat that my friends had recommended, a bottle of water, and a towel.  I mounted that bike, and went at it.  By the end, my legs felt like jelly, but what set in next was insane.  Folks had warned me about the post spinning bike seat phenomenon.  The pain is unlike anything I have felt before.  I wish it was only my butt that hurts!  This brings new meaning to what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  I’m still standing, but sitting is tough.  LOL.  I have no choice but to stick with it, so I can feel the victory of not getting beat down by a bike seat.  Tomorrow I’ll be on a treadmill or in the pool, but Thursday I’ll be back to challenge that bike.
People keep saying it takes 21-28 days to make something a habit.  One day down, 27 to go (might as well take the challenge of the longer time period).  Back to watching Biggest Loser and finally not feeling guilty about my lack of workout while they sweat their lives away.
Much nub and good health,

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