I arrived this morning bright and bushy tailed at 5:50 am for the Beginning Spinning Class armed with the gel seat that my friends had recommended, a bottle of water, and a towel.  I mounted that bike, and went at it.  By the end, my legs felt like jelly, but what set in next was insane.  Folks had warned me about the post spinning bike seat phenomenon.  The pain is unlike anything I have felt before.  I wish it was only my butt that hurts!  This brings new meaning to what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  I’m still standing, but sitting is tough.  LOL.  I have no choice but to stick with it, so I can feel the victory of not getting beat down by a bike seat.  Tomorrow I’ll be on a treadmill or in the pool, but Thursday I’ll be back to challenge that bike.
People keep saying it takes 21-28 days to make something a habit.  One day down, 27 to go (might as well take the challenge of the longer time period).  Back to watching Biggest Loser and finally not feeling guilty about my lack of workout while they sweat their lives away.
Much nub and good health,