Hey, y’all. Welcome to my new blog. Have you ever woke up one morning and realized your favorite clothes didn’t fit? Have you ever started looking at the scale sideways because you feel like it’s going to bite you? Have you ever wondered why your gym membership card sits gathering dust unused in your wallet? These are part of the reasons for this new blog. I am thirty something, and I love my thirties. The only thing I don’t like about them is the Kryptonite-like effect on my metabolism.

I decided that I needed a way to be about the business of getting healthier because I deserve it. This was a way to have all of you hold me accountable, and to make the journey fun. I was feeling so overwhelmed about getting started. Between the pressure I put on myself and the pressure that comes when people remind you that you’ve put on some pounds. Like you never noticed? LOL. I needed something to tip the scale balancing my motivation versus procrastination. I ran out of excuses, so here I am. 2010 is my year for no excuses.

Thanks for checking me out. I’ll be posting daily about my adventures in the pursuit of healthiness. Let me know what you think. I’m ready to get it started. I better wrap this up because I am going to attend my first spin class at 6 am. Wish me and my butt luck! I have a my padded seat:)

Much nub and good health,